MLM Review Of Vasayo and their Product Line

Vasayo Company Review From a Non Affiliate

Dallin Larsen initially popped up on the majority of people’s radar as Usana’s President of Sales in the 1990s. Larsen held numerous executive positions in Usana before his consultation as President.

In 2001 Larsen was selected Vice President of Sales at Dynamic Fundamentals. Dynamic Fundamentals faced regulatory issues with the FDA in 2003, with Larsen leaving the business that very same year.

Vasayo Company – MLM Review

vasayo products with dallin larsen

In 2005 Larsen (right, with Karree) established and released Monavie, which today is exactly what he’s best understood for in the MLM industry. Hope you can determine if these Vasayo Products will be good enough for your next venture!

Monnavie marketed a blended acai berry juice and at first was quite successful within the MLM sphere.

By 2014 things at Monavie weren’t looking great, prompting Larsen to leave the business.

Instead of avoid his past, as is typically the case, in a Vasayo marketing video Larsen is refreshingly honest about his departure from Monavie.

Two years back, after it emerged that we had lost control of the outcome of Monavie for several factors, including a substantial philosophical difference with our private equity investors, as to the company’s culture and who should lead the business, we chose to step away in July of 2014 and accepted avoid of the industry for 2 years.

We have honored that agreement.

When we resigned from Monavie we shared a video message mentioning that we didn’t understand for sure exactly what our future was going to appear like.

Now, 2 years later, we have clarity.

That clarity produced the launch of Vasayo.

When it comes to Monavie, it plunged into $182 million dollars in debt and was sold off to Jeunesse. Jeunesse immediately set about dismantling exactly what was left of Monavie and incorporating it into their own company.

Larsen appears identified not to make the same errors he felt he made with Monavie once again;

We have every intention of leading this company until our dying breath. This will be the last journey of our lifetimes.

In addition, we have no objective of every selling this company. We’re not starting with an exit-strategy in mind but instead, to construct and leave a tradition.

And unlike Monavie we will preserve more than fifty percent ownership in the company, so that we can steer the ship and culture in a direction our company believe to be in the very best interests of our distributors.

Read on for a full evaluation of the Vasayo MLM chance.

The Vasayo Line of product

Vasayao’s nutritional items are marketed under a flagship “MicroLife Nutritionals” brand name.

Core Basics– minerals and vitamins supplement by means of a vegetable-based capsule
Neuro– “a meal for your brain”
Energy– a herb-based energy spray
Renew– a liquid-gel based “antioxidant support group”
Sleep– a mist-based sleep assistance supplement
Retail prices for Vasayo’s products were not offered at the time of publication.

The Vasayo Settlement Plan

The Vasayo payment strategy pays affiliates to sell products to retail consumers.

Affiliates are likewise given a thirty-day window to make off product orders made by new personally recruited affiliates.

GV means “Group Volume” and is PV produced by a Vasayo affiliate’s team.

An active client is a retail consumer who has ordered a minimum of 35 PV worth of items within 4 weeks.

An active affiliate is a Vasayo affiliate who creates a minimum of 80 PV a month (4 weeks).

Lesser binary volume is GV created by a Vasayo affiliate’s weaker binary side (see recurring commission description listed below).

Retail Commissions
Vasayo affiliates make a 20% retail commission on products purchased by their retail customers.

The Item Introduction Perk is a portion bonus offer on sales volume created by the recruited affiliate’s orders.

What does it cost? of a percentage is paid out is determined by volume produced by the recruiting affiliate for that month:

80 PV a month = 10% Item Intro Bonus
160 PV a month or more = 20% Item Intro Bonus
Residual Commissions
Recurring commissions in Vasayo are paid via a binary settlement structure.

A binary settlement structure positions an affiliate at the top of a binary group, split into two sides (left and right):.

The second level of the binary group is created as needed, by splitting each of the very first two positions into another 2 positions each.

Subsequent levels of the binary group are generated in the same manner, with each brand-new binary level real estate twice as many positions as the previous level.

Positions in the binary group are filled by means of direct and indirect recruitment of brand-new affiliates.

At the end of weekly sales volume on both sides of the binary group is tallied up. Vasayo pay affiliates a $25 cycle commission per 240/480 GV matched on both sides of the binary group.

Matching Benefit
Vasayo affiliates who create a minimum of 160 PV a month get approved for a coordinating bonus on residual commissions earned by their team.


From the Vasayo marketing videos I saw, it’s clear that the company means to introduce other products even more down the line. These might ultimately make the product line stand apart but for now Vasayo’s offering is a bit uninspiring.

From what we can see Vasayo seems to be up and coming company with a good products. We will keep you posted in the future!